Contractor’s Bills of Quantities

We provide fully detailed and accurately measured bills of quantities for contractors for tendering purposes, sub-contracting, design and build projects, or re-measurement claims

These include:

  • BIM-enabled digital quantity take-offs
  • Formatted to suit contractor’s requirements for cost presentation, packaging and subcontracting
  • Sent electronically to contractor for any adjustments / future changes
  • Facilitates pricing by contractors
  • Based on method of measurement agreed in advance:

- ARM 4 (Agreed Rules of Measurement including Supplement 2 for M&E Measurement)
- SMM 7 (Standard Method of Measurement)
- NRM 2 (New Rules of Measurement)
- CESMM 3 and 4 (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement)
- Builder’s Quantities

  • Output costs formatted to ICMS 1 standards (International Construction Measurement Standards) for comparison of international projects
  • Re-measurement of individual elemental quantities/works package quantities/cross-checks also available