Value Engineering

We provide a comprehensive Value Engineering service on an ongoing basis for all types of building projects.

These includine:

  • Ongoing option reviews for cost reductions while keeping functions intact
  • Working with design team to improve component/detail functions
  • Reviews of building areas to ensure economic usage (area and volume savings can typically provide the largest levels of cost reductions without necessarily impacting function)
  • Circulation area to net reviews    
  • Volume checks
  • Wall to floor ratio reviews
  • Life cycle costing and material component comparisons
  • Design option reviews
  • Red/amber/green control spreadsheets for review of value engineering options with designers and client (used for brainstorming, highlighting costs, and confirming which value engineering options are no/potential/ok to implement)
  • Mechanical and electrical design options and cost reviews with engineers and contractors
  • Maximizing project value through selection of the right materials, details, and methodologies